My Coronavirus Diaries: London Lockdown Day 6

Today was charged with adrenaline. I woke up to find myself in second place on Duolingo. That bitch, Alice, was at it again, and she managed to put almost 300 points between us. I was planning to organise my closet and make banana bread, but just like that, my priorities had to change.

Two hours, twenty lessons and 300 points later, I was in first place again. It was not easy, because I didn’t have enough hearts or gems to buy more hearts, since I didn’t do many lessons yesterday, so I had to be very careful not to make mistakes.

Later on, I looked again and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The fucking bitch outdid me again, only by twenty points this time. It was the ultimate proof my imaginary competition was not imaginary at all. She is competing as well! Hell no, I am not having it. I did twenty more lessons, and I managed to put about three hundred points between us. See how you like this now, nerd!

The first twenty people will advance to the silver league at 2 am and I need to finish the bronze league first! I will get some gems but that’s not the reason. I don’t even have a reason, it has become a matter of principle. If I do about fifty lessons a day, I am going to be first damn it!


Other than that:

I woke up at 7 am (the old time)

Had coffee on the sofa

Almost finished Man and Boy

Chatted with sister, niece, friends

Did a workout

Did dishes

Took out rubbish

Put away the laundry I did two days ago

I moisturised into oblivion

Had risotto from yesterday for lunch/dinner (only had one meal today, at 4 pm)

Music today was Buddha Bar and Enrique Iglesias (the old songs)


Tonight I am going to read some more and fall asleep as usual, watching QI. Of course, in the meantime, I will keep my eyes peeled on Duolingo, in case that bitch attempts to take my place again.

On a different note, I have noticed a positive about the pandemic: I am back in touch with people I was out of touch with for years. Silverlining.




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