My Coronavirus Diaries: London Lockdown Day 4

I am knackered. It turns out imaginary Duolingo battles are more exhausting than they sound. But I won. I made that bitch on the 1st place my bitch, after doing about thirty lessons of Spanish, or so. Who’s her madre, huh? I matched her score and added 125 points for good measure. And I/ve got the hang of the Spanish present tense, mind you! First three persons only, though.

Today it was quite a good day, overall.

I woke up at 7 am (I’ve been mastering the bed routine so far, well done me: I fall asleep at 11 pm, wake up at 7 am, no alarm needed)

Had coffee on the sofa

At 9 am I FaceTimed with my sister and my niece and we all did Joe Wick’s live workout on Youtube

I then continued with my usual workout

The lockdown found me without some essentials: face masks (the cosmetic kind) and fresh flowers. So I made myself a homemade scrub (brown sugar and honey)

I haven’t figured how to get myself some fresh flowers yet, my local shop doesn’t have any. They would make me very very happy

I moisturised like crazy

I decided that during this lockdown my heels will get all the attention, they are so tragically neglected all the time

Had a ribeye steak with cucumber and dill salad for lunch

Finished the lemon cake (I knew this would happen, that’s why I only used a quarter of the recommended amount of sugar)

Speaking of which, I was telling a friend how excited I was to find flour in my cupboard. “It’s probably expired and you will get ill” A bit harsh if I am honest. Nevertheless, since I couldn’t remember if this was the flour from when I was a step mummy and I was baking brownies for the kids, or since I dated that guy that liked baking, I decided to check the package. Best before 11/2019.  I decided to take this as a mere suggestion and make a loaf of banana bread on Sunday. Eggless, of course. Not by choice, of course.

Read more of Man and Boy

Chatted with friends (this virus is turning me into a social butterfly)

Tried to watch Downtown Abbey. Neah

I think I am going to start Peaky Blinders

Did invoicing

Looked at my assignments being cancelled one by one and did not panic

Had mixed feelings about BoJo testing positive

My friend and I made a list of things to do after all this is over: pub night once a week, restaurants, risotto nights, music gigs in Camden, comedy shows

I listened to Nelly Furtado and Robbie Williams

I was in touch with my emotions: I sat with them, acknowledged them, rode them out

I think I can do this. 


(Photo: my living room in self-isolation this morning; alternating activities to keep anxiety at bay)




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