Lazy Easter

I am not one to celebrate holy days but I am happy to take all the days off I can get. Even now, when being a freelancer means that the more the days off, the less the money, I still find long weekends  incredibly voluptuous.

I am not doing anything this Easter except for sleeping till 9 like a lazy bastard, watching Netflix and MAYBE crawling to the gym, this necessary evil that I could do without just fine, but for the boost of energy and peace of mind I feel afterwards. Except for today, when I almost took a nap after my Strength and Conditioning class but I fought the urge and decided to be productive instead.

So I ended up watching a movie, on my phone, under the duvet because it was easier than turning on the laptop or even worse, going downstairs to watch on the big screen TV. Size doesn’t matter anyway, at least that’s what they say, don’t they? My movie was interrupted by a couple of Facetime sessions when I tried to teach my two months old niece to pull out her tongue, “just like auntie”. The excitement! My excitement, obviously, she couldn’t wait to get back to her boob, which is all she cares about at the moment.

Never too young to learn some gang signs from the bad auntie.
I worked yesterday and apparently I will work again at some point over Easter weekend because I just can’t say no to a case of schizophrenia. I have been doing mostly court interpreting lately which is interesting in its own right, but mental health interpreting is still my favourite. Too bad it pays peanuts but I treat myself with a quick booking every now and then, in between sentences and pleas, as a break from common assaults and affrays.

In terms of food, no, we didn’t do anything traditional. I am an atheist, former Christian Orthodox by birth and my boyfriend is agnostic, former Hindu monk by choice and Catholic by birth. So we ordered Chinese food, mine with chicken, his vegetarian. By the way, if you want to experience a nice, traditional Christian Orthodox Easter, you should go to Corfu. It’s absolutely beautiful, even if you are not into religion.

Speaking of religion, I have heard NASA thinks there might be life on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. Piece of advice: try and say it correctly when you tell people about it. I was trying to explain my boyfriend about the breaking news and not only that instead of Saturn I said Jupiter but instead of Enceladus I said enchiladas. He thought I was trolling him, when all I wanted was to impress him with my knowledge about astronomy. Fail! Again!

Now, to finish up season accordingly, here is a nice picture of a tree in bloom, or like my boyfriend would poetically put it, here is a picture of nature with a hard on.


Happy Easter or Happy Paid Long Weekend, whichever you celebrate.

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