Yey, we made it to Lanzarote yesterday and I am so excited about it, because we almost didn’t. It was on Sunday night, at about 10 pm, before going to bed, that we decided to check the flight again, mostly to see if it was 6 pm or 7 pm because we were arguing over what was the best time to leave home. And it was 6 indeed, like boyfriend said, but AM! We are such idiots, I know!

I freaked out for a bit, I packed my bag and went to bed by midnight only to wake up three hours later to go to the airport. Fortunately, the flight was almost empty so I got three seats for myself and tiny as I am, I napped all the way to Lanzarote. A flight attendant brought me a blanket at some point and I was so touched by her caring and compassionate gesture, I thanked her from all my heart and with all my face. It was only at the end of the flight when my boyfriend told me I could take the blanket with me because he paid five pounds for it.

Playa Quemada
Las Ventanas de Lanzarote

The entrance to our room
Anyhoo, we arrived at Las Ventanas de Lanzarote, in Playa Quemada, just before lunch. We checked in our beautiful studio with a private rooftop right away and then we went out for lunch. We started with two cold beers and I had octopus a Gallegas, my favourite octopus in Spain. Boyfriend asked for vegetarian salad and the waiter was like: “Really, no tuna, no nothing? You should have some fish, or at least octopus, you don’t know what you’re missing!”

Later on we went to check the other two restaurants in the village to see the vegetarian options. No options so off we went to the little shop by the bus stop to buy rice and lentils. I can happily live on fish but my man needs a source of protein or he gets all grumpy.

We ended the day napping in the surprisingly comfy bed, with no alarm set to wake us up and it felt a bit weird to me, as I always use an alarm because I have the tendency to oversleep.

This morning we had coffee on the rooftop and I was in heaven not having to deal with people at all. So refreshing when you live in London and your brain gets foggy with faces and voices and overheard chats in multiple languages that you cannot mute during the working days, no matter what you are listening to in your headphones. I am not complaining, I love London, but quiet time is the best of time for me. When did I get so boring?

The rooftop
Also, today I popped the cherry in terms of live streaming on Insta and Facebook and I sprained my ankle in the process. I knew I wasn’t good at multitasking but I thought it can’t be that hard to walk and hold your phone on an empty road but I guess I was wrong. Well, resting day for me tomorrow, I will be reading and/or writing on my rooftop while boyfriend will wait on me, responding to all my needs and whims. We will take a break for fish and for a vegetarian salad around lunch and this will be the only exciting day I will be doing all day and I couldn’t be happier for having nothing to do.

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