I Will Do It Later

I am royalty, you know. I am the self-proclaimed queen of procrastination. If I could make money out of postponing, I would be The Billionaire Queen of Procrastination.

I am still in two minds about the cause of this. Might be laziness, might be my depression, might be both. For the sake of this article, let’s blame it on depression. It’s more noble to be ill than to be lazy. So let’s all agree I have a CONDITION, since I don’t have an excuse.

Let me tell you about my day and about the multiple shades of my procrastination.

I set the alarm for 9:30 am. At 9:30 I successfully stop the alarm and carry on sleeping. I have a random thought that maybe that alarm had a purpose but I waive it away. I can definitely do later what I was supposed to do at 9:30.

I sleep a solid half hour more. I finally wake up at 10 am, blurry eyed and messy tailed. My boyfriend, Jack Pot (because I hit the jackpot when he laid his beautiful, half blind eyes upon my humble self) was already gone. So no cuddles, no coffee in bed for me. Boohoo. I could have called him as he was only downstairs but I didn’t want to seem needy. Which I am. So I scroll up and down Facebook and Instagram into oblivion.

Lots of time later I am desperate for a wee. You got this one right. I postponed until I caused myself pain. I take advantage of me being in the bathroom and I brush my teeth and wash my face and I even apply moisturizer. Iuhuuu! I am on fire.

I go back to the bedroom only to find a hot coffee on my nightstand. Jack Pot never disappoints! Deeply moved, I grab my book, my phone and my coffee and go downstairs to have coffee together. We are horribly sexy like that.

I read The Secret History by Donna Tart for hours on end, with Facebook and Instagram breaks because I am a social media addict. Jack Pot works by my side, he is doing his coding thingy. I have lots of things to do like showering, doing my timesheets, organizing my week, finding out how to get hold of my P60 form to have my taxes done. By an accountant, obviously. I decide to do everything later. I discover I have six credits on Audible so I download five books. I could have downloaded one more but I would do it later.

Lunch time. We both decide we can’t cook so Jack Pot orders salads and makes me eat all the leaves. I keep on reading.

All of a sudden I put the book aside and decide to clean our bedroom. I take my phone with me, determined to start listening to one of the books I downloaded earlier on Audible. I get upstairs, I take a look at the room and think I should do it on Tuesday. Why that particular day, I don’t know.

I go back downstairs, make us tea and eat the leftovers of a banana bread from our take away dinner on Friday night, the one that gave Jack Pot cramps and made him fast all day yesterday.

I read some more. I plan to shower in one hour but instead I write this entry. I definitely didn’t do my timesheets or organized my week. All I know is that tomorrow at 9:20 I have to be at the Magistrates Court in Luton.

It’s now 7 pm. Jack Pot is making me eat yet another salad, I want to finish the book, I have to do my timesheets and I have to shower. So I am gonna catch up with some friends on WhatsApp.

And that’s a wrap.

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